UAE Established shelter for women and children who are victims of human trafficking

In Dubai, Dubai Foundation for Women and children is the first licensed non-profit shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, abuse and human trafficking in the UAE.

The foundation provides free services to women and children who are victims of violence. It offers a helpline, safe shelter, case management, medical care, psychological support, counselling and legal, consular and immigration assistance. In addition to those core services, DFWAC also provides secondary support services including children’s education, entertaining activities, professional services, physical fitness, all-round empowerment and skills training.

In Sharjah, Women’s Protection Centre of the Social Services Department of Government of Sharjah (SSSD) has allocated a toll free number 800-800-700 to provide social, psychological and legal counselling and solutions to domestic issues by legal, social and psychological specialists. SSSD also provides family consultations through its website.

In addition, there are several social support centres under the supervision of Abu Dhabi Police that look after victims of human trafficking. They render all necessary support in co-ordination and co-operation with various relevant institutions.

There is also the General Directorate for Human Rights Protection that works under the supervision of Dubai Police and provides psychological, social and legal support to women and children who are victims of human trafficking. The Directorate provides victims with support such as temporary shelter, temporary visas and air tickets to return to their homelandsز

  • Hotline for labour complaints: 8005005
  • Hotline for human trafficking issues: 8007283
  • Fax: +971 4 217 1644
  • Email:


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