UAE Fuel prices will decrease as a big Improvement

It’s good news for drivers in the UAE as petrol prices are set to drop in October, in what will be the lowest petrol prices since April this year.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry announced fuel prices for November. The prices include VAT.

In October, drivers can expect to pay per-litre prices are Super 98 at Dh2.20, down from Dh2.24 last months and Special 95 at Dh2.09 at a drop from Dh2.12 in October. Diesel prices are at Dh2.38, a decrease from Dh2.41 in October.

The cost of diesel however, went up slightly, priced at Dhs2.41 per litre in comparison to Dhs2.38 in September.

And if you don’t fancy actually physically going to the petrol station, Dubai now has a fuel delivery service which will bring the petrol to you.

With the decrease in prices, there’s no excuse to not hit the road and start exploring the UAE and road trips across the country.

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