2 million visits recorded to UAE government official portal

The UAE government official portal (u.ae) recorded a record number of users during last August, reaching nearly 1,400,000 users, which is the largest monthly number since the portal was launched, and the number of its users increased during the first half of 2020 by more than 50 % compared to the same period in 2019.

A record number of users of the UAE government official portal

The Acting Deputy Director-General of the Digital Government Sector at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Salem Al Hosani, said that the number of visits during the month of August reached 2 million, which is also the largest monthly number of visits to the UAE government official portal.

UAE government official portal advanced Technology

He explained that the UAE government official portal is the first address for everyone who needs information about the government, its services and projects in the Emirates, and it is directed to groups of society, including individuals, institutions and businesses, as the portal contains many chapters and chapters such as the services section from A to Z, the visa section and the ID card Employment and work regulations, education, companies and businesses, justice and safety, tourism in the UAE, and others.

He emphasized that the UAE government official portal’s content is easy and commensurate with the nature of users in the digital age, and is formulated according to best practices and global experiences, pointing to the contribution of government agencies and the public of dealers in developing content to enhance the concepts of digital participation.

UAE government official portal competitiveness index

Al Hosani pointed out that the UAE government official portal is linked to a set of indicators that enhance the UAE’s position in the field of global competitiveness, most notably

  1. The e-government development index
  2. The smart services index
  3. The digital participation index

He said that since its inception in the year 2000, the UAE government official portal has achieved a number of qualitative leaps that have turned it into the first reference in search engines for anyone wishing to learn about services or any information related to government agencies in the UAE.

UAE government official portal linked to artificial intelligence tools

He added that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is currently working on developing the UAE government official portal and updating its sections in accordance with the best international practices and by using artificial intelligence tools to study the behaviour of customers and determine their needs, with the aim of achieving more confidence in its services and attracting the largest number of users.

Developing a national platform for digital participation

In a related context, Al Hosani revealed a project to develop a national platform for digital participation during the coming period, with the aim of monitoring the experiences of UAE government agencies, private sector institutions and various community events in the field of participation,

He stressed that the development of the UAE platforms represents an advanced step towards the smart city community, and an embodiment of a comprehensive community partnership to achieve happiness the society.

For her part, the Director of the Corporate Communication Department at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Ahlam Abdul Rahman Al-Fil said that the number of pages of the official portal of the UAE government has reached more than 9,000 pages.

She indicated that users are interested in visiting pages that contain information on visas and Emirati IDs, COVID-19 virus and its checks, and the return of residents abroad.

Source: WAM
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