UAE Plan Project to provide clean water to over 15,000 Yemenis

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has launched a strategic project to provide clean drinking water to over 15,000 Yemenis in the city of Zobab, in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

The project is one of 31 projects recently launched by the UAE in the region to meet the essential needs of 155,000 Yemenis in the liberated governorates.

The launch was attended by the ERC’s representative in the Red Sea Coast, and Mohamed Fadl Al Shairi, Director-General of Zobab Bab Al Mandab.

The project aimed to restore an artesian well and commission an integrated solar energy system, as well as extend the local water network to 30 kilometres.

In a statement, the ERC representative said that the project is part of a series of key services and humanitarian projects and initiatives launched by the UAE since the liberation of several areas in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

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