How was the probe of hope a dream like founding of UAE?

The UAE space probe of hope project attracted the world’s attention, especially in the major space institutions, which considered that the United Arab Emirates competes with it, the major members of the World Space Club, such as the United States, Russia, India and others.

NASA: The UAE probe of hope Dazzled Us

In an interview with Al-Bayan, the US space agency NASA Sean Potter said,

  1. We were impressed by the speed shown by the Emirates Space Agency in developing its first planetary spacecraft.
  2. The UAE’s commitment to develop its technical knowledge of our solar system and share that knowledge with all of humanity shows the true spirit of exploration.”

The future cooperation between us in the NASA project, which will carry the first woman astronauts, as well as some of the men on the moon by 2024, in addition to Mars.” For her part, Megan Bartels, a writer specializing in space affairs, says ““: “The UAE space mission is an ambitious step for the UAE that entered the space world in 2009, and it is a project that will make the UAE the first Arab country to reach another planet”.

The UAE major Sucess in space affairs

Seidir Al-Shouq, a writer for the American Science Magazine of Science, said: the UAE major turning point in which the United States, Russia, Europe, and India compete in the elite club of countries that have successfully sent spacecraft to Mars.

The most spacecraft on the Red Planet is in vertical orbits that only provide scenes from the surface of the planet at specific times of the day, but the probe of hope will be embedded in a tilted orbit so that it can provide a view of any specific point at any time of the day and on each of these orbits.

He emphasized that the project design came so that the camera and infrared spectroscopy associated with the probe can collect climate data on ozone, dust, and moisture in the lower atmosphere, while UV spectroscopy can measure the level of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and oxygen in the higher atmosphere, and these data Spaces in the Mars weather models will be filled.

The UAE plans to launch the first Arab probe to Mars on July 15

The UAE space probe of hope project

probe of hope
The Uae Plans To Launch The First Arab Probe To Mars On July 15

On July 15th, the unmanned robot probe of Hope will be launched from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center, at a new station within the ambitious UAE space program.

The UAE is pressing for joining the ranks of countries that have successfully sent missions to the orbit of Mars, the United States, India, the former Soviet Union and the European Space Agency, while China is preparing to launch the first Mars spacecraft later this month.

The “Hope” probe will take seven months to travel 493 million km to Mars, to reach its goal in conjunction with the UAE celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the unified state.

Once in orbit, each episode will take 55 hours at an average speed of 121,000 km per hour, while contact with the UAE command and control center is limited to six to eight hours twice a week. The probe will remain in orbit for a full Martian year, or 687 days.

Three technical devices installed on the probe will transmit a complete picture of the atmosphere of the Red Planet throughout the Martian year. The first of these is infrared to measure the lower atmosphere and analyze the temperature structure, and the second is a high-resolution imaging device that provides information about ozone levels. The third is an ultraviolet scale to measure the levels of oxygen and hydrogen from a distance of up to 43,000 km from the surface.

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