UAE: recovery of 3 new cases of coronavirus

The UAE Ministry of Health announced the recovery of 3 new cases of people infected with the newly created Coronavirus, which raise the number of the total recovered cases to 23. After receiving the necessary health care since entering the hospital.

The recovery of 23 cases of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health said in a statement that:

3 cases were the same for recovery from two individuals from the Emirates and one from India. Thus, the number of cases that were similar to recovery in the country was 23.

The Ministry confirmed that the UAE’s handling of these cases until their recovery reflects the efficiency of the health system in the country. Noting that dealing with cases infected with the new coronavirus carried out according to the highest applicable health standards. In addition, stressed that the injured are being placed under observation and medical care. That conforms to organized standards Global health and follows their situation closely until they fully recover from the disease.

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