Factors of UAE residents a sense of comfort during Corona

The Indian businessman, Rakesh Wahi, as UAE residents confirmed in an article published by the American magazine “Forbes Africa” while talking about ways to create a positive environment during crises, that while everyone was facing similar challenges due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, some countries translated their words into actions, and he was at the forefront. The United Arab Emirates, which is considered his “second home”.

Rakesh Wahi as UAE residents

He has lived in the country for 31 years. Rakesh, who is well known in the investment community, said that at a time the initial response caused by the uncertainty did not differ in different parts of the world.

Where fear of the unknown was evident in the decision-making, the pessimism coming from Europe and the United States gave a reason to enter into discussions about ways to find short-term solutions to essentially slow the spread of the epidemic, and the initial closures and the subsequent easing of the imposed restrictions restored a sense of satisfaction and confidence, but the most important thing is From anything else, in his opinion, there are 6 factors that have given the UAE residents a sense of comfort.

What are the factors that give the UAE residents the sense of comfort during Corona?

The first factor

The emergence of leaders and the possibility of seeing them, explaining that since ancient times, soldiers fought in the battlefield relentlessly as long as they saw their flag flying, as that gave them hope, and that in today’s context, confidence comes from leaders who have the courage to stand before their people and give them an accurate picture of the crisis.

Pointing out that the United Arab Emirates has kept everyone updated about health care facilities, challenges and causes of the virus outbreak, but most importantly, the concrete steps that are being taken to confront the pandemic.

The second factor

The integrity of society in general, as Rakesh indicated that the United Arab Emirates is the home of 150 nationalities, and the melting pot of several cultures. He was astonished, in his opinion, to see people helping each other in different ways, as there were no project owners to benefit from the pandemic that raised the prices of medical materials and equipment.

The third factor

The motivating community activities and fundraisers to help the needy. Various campaigns were launched for this matter, including the “10 million meals” campaign, which exceeded its goal. The campaign did not only help people who were suffering, he said, but rather those requests were submitted. With small business owners who could supply food packages at a time when restaurants were closed.

The fourth factor

The celebration of stories of personal sacrifice and self-denial, the initiatives of the public and private sectors and the announcement of new initiatives and projects, indicating that the government praises at every opportunity the UAE residents and citizens who helped others, and the sacrifices of health care workers, the police and security.

Rakesh stated that the United Arab Emirates helped several countries around the world and gained the appreciation of world leaders, and did not stop at the achievements, as it celebrated the launch of the “Hope Probe” last July, and announced the operation of the first station of “Barakah” stations.

The fifth factor

Creating opportunities in the crisis, besides ensuring that services, including judicial and immigration services, remain uninterrupted, there have been efforts by the government to ensure that it remains on alert with the changing environment by adapting to the needs of the present.

The government has taken bold decisions to manage some sectors of the crisis. Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways have remained open to operating by transporting stranded passengers from different parts of the world. Likewise, he emphasized, the country would now host the annual Indian Premier League cricket tournament, the star-studded tournament India hosts annually, according to his description.

These will completely transform the hospitality industry from September to November this year, and the UAE will also host dozens of Chinese companies that are being set up to take advantage of the country’s geographic location and connections.

A final factor

The government’s perception of the value of the media, which is proactively engaged with to ensure that the messages were accurate, timely and balanced. Nothing is more harmful than misleading or irresponsible media in times of crisis.

Source: forbesafrica
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