UAE says to avoid nose-to-nose Greeting

A lot of Emirates tribe, have a tradition of the nose to nose tradition and fashion, therefore UAE residents should not greet each other physically, including the traditional nose-to-nose greeting or Eskimo kiss, to avoid the risk from viruses amid the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The UAE ministry’s recommendation comes as countries scramble to protect their citizens from the deadly coronavirus, which has killed 362 people and infected 17,300 so far.

However it is extremely dangerous virus because it transfers the virus through the air, in the same way as the regular flu, but symptoms might not show until two to 14 days after catching the virus.

As well as avoiding the traditional nose-to-nose greeting, when Emirati men rub their noses together upon meeting or leaving each other’s company, the ministry also suggested people swell instead of physical attach.

UAE Health Minister regularly published advice and warning recently, the ministry’s advice is in line with other previous health advice, including for children, issued by the World Health Organization and other groups.

The UAE has reported five cases of coronavirus in the country. All five were Chinese tourists who had visited the country from Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus.

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