UAE sends medical aid plane to Jordan and Dominican Republic

Emirates supports Jordan, Dominican Republic and Colombia with 27 tons of medical aid. Today, the United Arab Emirates sent a medical aid plane with 7 tons of medical supplies to the Dominican Republic to provide prevention and personal protection for its medical workers, and more than 7 thousand health care workers will benefit from it to support their efforts in the face of the emerging coronavirus / COVID-19 / And within the framework of the directives of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates, the necessity of providing urgent support in the health field for brotherly and friendly countries.

UAE sends medical aid plane to the Dominican Republic

medical aid plane
Uae Sends Medical Aid Plane To Jordan And Dominican Republic

The ambassador of the state to the Republic of Cuba, the non-resident ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Badr Abdullah Saeed Al Matrooshi, said: “From the pioneering and humanitarian role of the United Arab Emirates in providing medical aid plane in times of crisis and harnessing all capabilities to assist countries and continue to strengthen relations with the Dominican Republic, an aid plane containing Urgent medical supplies necessary to combat the emerging epidemic of Coronavirus and help medical workers in the Dominican region to do their part better.

UAE sends 12.4 tons of medical aid plane to Jordan to tackle the Coronavirus

On Monday, the United Arab Emirates sent a medical aid plane carrying 12.4 tons of medical supplies and examination devices to Jordan, which will benefit about 12 thousand health care workers, to support their efforts in the face of the “COVID-19” virus, within the framework of the United Arab Emirate’s rational leadership directives that it is necessary to provide Urgent support in the health field for sisterly and friendly countries.

Ahmed Al Balushi, the country’s ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan said: What unites the United Arab Emirates and Jordan is a solid fraternal relationship in all political, economic, social, and popular fields. It is a model of the distinguished Arab relations that are characterized by stability, depth, and synergy in various conditions and stations, and are characterized by official and popular constructive cooperation.

He added that sending medical aid plane to Jordan, in continuation of this approach, comes from strong and distinguished relations, and support from the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates for our brothers in Jordan to contain the crisis.

It is worth noting that to date the United Arab Emirates has provided more than 911 tons of aid, which has benefited about 911 thousand medical workers.

Coronavirus statistics in the Dominican Republic

Dominica recorded 18 new injuries, zero death, and 16 recovered cases.

Coronavirus statistics in the Kingdom of Jordan

Jordan recorded 18 new injuries, bringing the total to 979 cases, of whom 9 have died so far.

Source: WAM
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