UAE sends medical aid to Brazil to tackle the Coronavirus

The United Arab Emirates sent an aircraft containing 12 tons of medical supplies and examination devices to Brazil in the framework of joint cooperation; To support 12,000 health workers in containing the emerging Coronavirus, by providing personal and preventive protection tools.

UAE sends a medical aid plane to Brazil

Said Abdullah Al-Shehhi, the Chargé affairs of the Emirates embassy in Brazil, said in a statement today that Brazil is of great importance within the UAE strategy to strengthen and expand its relations with the countries of South America, and the country is working to extend bridges of cooperation with it in various fields.

He added that the UAE hopes that this constructive cooperation will contribute to strengthening the capabilities of the medical and nursing staff and providing them with more protection.

It is worth noting that to date, the UAE has provided more than 1039 tons of supplies to more than 70 countries, benefiting more than a million medical workers.

The UAE and Brazil … historical ties and a firm strategic partnership

The UAE-Brazil relations rise year after year in various fields; Where the leaders of the two countries are keen to consolidate it towards the highest levels, at the highest political, economic and technological levels.

Since the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1974, Emirati and Brazilian leaders have sought to become comprehensive future dimensions, with their contents and creative strategic foundations, to consolidate the pillars of the partnership between the two countries.

Relations that span more than 4 decades have pushed the leaders of the two countries to work together to advance them so that the two countries have come together in many strategic partnerships that are in the interest of both parties.

The bilateral relations between the UAE and Brazil are historic, and they are continuously developing, and officially started between the two countries on May 26, 1974.

The Embassy of the Republic of Brazil in Abu Dhabi opened in 1978, while the UAE opened its embassy in Brasilia in 1991, making it the first Emirati embassy in South America, as well as the opening of a UAE consulate in Sao Paulo in October 2013.

The UAE and Brazil strong foundation

Over the past decades, the UAE has managed to derive its relationship with Brazil from the official character and to dress it in the social and popular relations, which has contributed greatly to the diversification of the relationship between the two parties and not being confined to the political and official sides.

During this period, the leaders of the two countries sought to promote and establish new strategic investment partnerships, especially as the UAE is the second-largest trading partner for Brazil in the Middle East since 2008, which indicates the extent and depth of the relationship between the two parties.

The presence of DP World also opened many maritime gates to Latin America, which led to the promotion of outbound and inbound trade, in particular Brazil, which is one of the Group of 20 major around the world.

The depth of historical relations between the two countries has made many commonalities between them at all levels. Brazil pursues almost the same principles of the UAE’s foreign affairs, as their foreign policy is generally based on the principles of pluralism, peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference in the affairs of other countries, and quiet diplomacy, besides providing assistance to developing countries.

The economic relations between Brazil and the United Arab Emirates are a model of integration, which shows great potential for cooperation in many sectors of trade and investment that are still not only partially explored or developed.


On the level of combating terrorism, great cooperation took place between the two sides, which together have always stressed the importance of combating terrorism and extremism and the need to enhance cooperation in the field of exchanging security information.

Strategic partnership

The United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Brazil are also bound by a number of agreements, memoranda of understanding in force, the most important of which are the economic, commercial, industrial and technical cooperation agreement and a memorandum of understanding regarding the provision of air transport services.

Source: WAM
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