The UAE sends medical aid to Iraq for the second time

Today, the UAE sent an aid plane containing 10.5 tons of medical supplies and examination devices to the Iraq capital, Baghdad, to support the efforts of 10.5 thousand medical workers and enhance their capabilities in facing the spread of the emerging coronavirus.

Emirates sends medical aid to Iraq

Mohamed Saleh Al Tunaiji, Chargé d’Affaires at the Emirates Embassy in Baghdad, said: “The UAE has contributed to supporting the Iraq brothers during the past years, and still provides all possible support in all fields, especially economic and development, as well as in the field of preserving the Iraqi human heritage, And protect him in the face of the threats he faced from terrorist forces who tried to destroy and maim him. ”

He added: “In continuation of these efforts, the wise leadership of the UAE sent a medical aid plane today, to support the efforts of health workers to confront the emerging coronavirus, which comes in addition to what was recently sent from medical aid to the Kurdistan region of Iraq.”

It is worth noting that the UAE has provided more than 974 tons of aid to date to more than 68 countries, benefiting about 974 thousand medical workers.

The UAE is sending medical aid to the Kurdistan region of Iraq to help it tackle Corona

Today, Thursday, the UAE sent an aid plane containing 7 tons of medical supplies to Iraqi Kurdistan to support it in limiting the spread of the new coronavirus, which will benefit more than 7,000 health care workers to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

Ahmed Al-Dhaheri, consul general of the UAE to Iraqi Kurdistan, confirmed the UAE’s keenness to extend a helping hand to Iraqi Kurdistan to help it tackle the new coronavirus, pointing out that the fraternal relationship between the UAE and Iraq forms the basis of this Cooperation, which will enable us to support front line workers in Iraq to combat this epidemic.

He added that the UAE stands beside Iraq in its relentless pursuit to preserve public health in light of the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

Source: WAM
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