UAE strengthens job security with a bundle of laws

In the UAE, the worker is not afraid of the repercussions of any sudden economic conditions, even if the repercussions of Corona that have affected the entire world. 

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in millions of unemployed people who had to leave their jobs. Therefore, the matter in the UAE is not left to the goodwill of companies. Whereas, the labour law in the UAE regulates all rights and duties of workers.

The UAE has have endeavoured to provide all preventive health measures necessary to protect workers in all workplaces or residence locations designated for them. The UAE also instructed to spare suspected cases of coronavirus from going out to work.

Alongside all this, the UAE quick to put in place an integrated work system to preserve the rights of workers and protect them. Especially at the level of the wage file. As all these measures aim to enhance job security. It also support the stability of workers in various economic sectors.

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