UAE support for Iraq to achieve stability, economic prosperity

The United Arab Emirates pledged to continue supporting Iraq in its bid to achieve stability and economic prosperity.

Sheikh Abdullah said the UAE would continue to back the political process in Iraq which would lead to security, justice and equality.

“We stand by brotherly Iraq as it is making efforts for reconstruction and achievement of peace and safety and in combating the forces of terrorism which poses a danger to all the countries of the region and defaces the values of our true religion, Islam,” said Sheikh Abdullah.

The two sides also called for cooperation and concerted efforts by Arab countries and the international community “to confront the scourge of terrorism and extremism that threatens the security and stability of nations and peoples.

The UAE’s recent contribution of $60 million to the Iraq Stabilization Fund is only its latest commitment to Iraq reconstruction, which has included financial and in-kind support, medical treatment, hospital reconstruction, humanitarian supplies and police training. Since 2003, the UAE has also forgiven more than $7 billion in Iraqi Government debt.

On 31 July 2007 following Iraq’s victory of the Asian Cup, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE awarded the Iraq National football team 20 million Dhs, ($5.2 million) for capturing the Asian Cup for the first time in the country’s history.

Last year, the UAE said it would finance a $50.4 million project to rebuild the Grand Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul, famous for its eighth-century-old leaning minaret, destroyed by ISIS last year.

“This is a hugely significant move that indicates the UAE’s support for a pluralistic Iraq that rises above sectarian rhetoric and politics.

By assisting Iraq in rebuilding liberated areas, the UAE hopes to provide some welcome balance to Iranian influence in the region.

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