The UAE third clinical trials of the Corona Medical Vaccine

The Minister of Health and Prevention authorities in the United Arab Emirates announced, Tuesday, the start of the first phase of the third clinical trials of a broken / potential vaccine for the emerging coronavirus.

The UAE third clinical trials Medival vaccine

This came after a meeting held via video communication technology between representatives of the health authorities in the UAE and China, after which a cooperation agreement was signed between the Chinese “China National Biotec Group Company” and the group “G42”, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which is based in Abu Dhabi, Which will lead the third clinical trials operations of the vaccine in the United Arab Emirates under the supervision of the Health Department – Abu Dhabi.

This comes under the vision of the wise leadership of the country and its commitment to overcoming the epidemic through international cooperation.

Commenting on the agreement, Minister of Health and Community Protection Abdul Rahman Al-Owais said that there is an urgent need now more than ever for the world’s countries to cooperate in the framework of partnerships between governments and the private sector to launch new initiatives, advanced programs, policies, research and new and effective capabilities in this regard.

He added that from this standpoint, the United Arab Emirates welcomes all the contributions made by the countries of the world and creative bodies and individuals in order to create new opportunities in a framework of fruitful cooperation with the aim of facing the COVID-19 pandemic and to overcome this global epidemic.

The clinical trials process

The third clinical trials process is advance process

It is usually divided into three phases

The first stage essentially including vaccine safety.

The second stage is concerned with assessing immunity generation and looking at the clinical trials vaccination process for a limited number of individuals.

The third stage includes the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine among a larger segment of people.

If the safety and efficacy of the vaccine are proven throughout the clinical trial process, then the examination is considered successful and the transition to the vaccine manufacturing stage is widely considered.

The vaccine succeeded in passing the first and second stages of the experiments without causing any harmful effects, as the percentage of volunteers who managed to generate antibodies after two days of the dose reached one hundred percent, according to what “WAM” reported.

Through this partnership, the “G42 Group” and “China National Biotec Group” aim to accelerate the development of a safe and effective vaccine available on the market by the end of 2020 or early 2021, for the benefit of all mankind.

The third clinical trials that started today are the starting point for many initiatives that seek to ensure health for all and enhance the country’s capabilities in the areas of research and development and its capabilities to manufacture the vaccine.

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