UAE Underlines That Violence against Women

The UAE has emphasized that assault against women is a contravention of their fundamental rights and freedoms, and limits their enjoyment of their full rights in the community.

During the 11th session of the Human Rights Council, Noura Abdulrahman Al Suwaidi, Representative of the Human Rights Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MOFAIC, read out the UAE statement.

The Council held an interactive discussion on a report on women and children provided by the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and the Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking.

The UAE displayed its support for the request of the special rapporteurs to strengthen the international endeavors to get rid of violence against women and emphasized on the significance of joint global action while citing that nations are responsible for stopping violence against women.

Al Suwaidi also stressed on the nation’s policy to fight violence against women, by building awareness, increasing penalties on offenders and safeguarding victims.

Regarding human trafficking, the UAE backed the result of the report in relation to the challenges faced by victims of human trafficking regarding long-term social unification, which negatively impacts their rights to protection and help, as stated by Al Suwaidi.

The UAE representative cited that the endeavors to fight human trafficking isn’t enough till supported by policies that guarantee the rights of victims.

Al Suwaidi went ahead to stress on the nation’s enforcement of Federal Law No. 01 of 2015 on abverting human trafficking, as well as the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking strategic plan, in which the nation looks forward to preserve its position as an active and devoted member of the international community, supporting the responsibilities that go along with dealing the global phenomenon of human trafficking.

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