UAE regain top logistics rankings

With upcoming all of business projects and events, beside EXPO2020 since last year continuously UAE win the challenge on International and local region too, and the recent one which win a fantastic score, in terms of opportunities and business fundamentals.

Previously was Announced by Sub-Index were UAE rise in term of international logistics opportunities sub-Index score saw the UAE rise two places to ninth.

The rise on Business and marketing in UAE due the facts of rise of the UAE in domestic logistics opportunities sub-Index to growth in e-commerce market.

The main purpose of UAE to rank number one in the world with all business investment, for example, Dubai launched the World Logistics Passport at World Economic Forum in Davos, which played great impression on business in South-South trade which will play a very strong role, going forward.

In the other hand with other countries, the Agility Index data showed that China and India retained first and second positions, respectively, worldwide. In overall looks like all Middle Eastern countries, trying to improve countries ranking and positive outcome to boost the economy, for example, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait – thanks to business-friendly which all Gulf courtiers got benefit from it and improvement towards country economic and as an ideal for future investment.

World Logistic Passport made huge difference to UAE economy boost, in terms of commodities volume coming and transitioning to Dubai.

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