UAE Youth Council Theme “One World…One Message”

UAE Youth Council wants to bring all together and hosting such events is a fantastic way, to begin with, through gathering citizens of different nationalities, religions and cultural and economic backgrounds got together in Abu Dhabi’s Umm Al Emarat Park to record World Guinness longest handshake.

The theme of the project is ( One World…One Message) which chosen by UAE police Youth Council, to mark the first anniversary of signing the Human Fraternity Document.

To mention hundreds of people from different sector made their way to Al Emarat Park. Such as Blue Collar workers, Students, and many more, all lined up on a pre-marked track to shake hands.

Back in 2018 same month, south Indian State won by some 1,730 people at the park broke.

His Highness Minister of Tolerance, inspired the gathering, describing the feat as a ‘human chain of love, peace and understanding’.

Moreover, Abu Dhabi Police youth council, Major Mohamed Balalaa, told the news that they have many more as such plan to make a strong impact on youngsters in the country.

The head of Abu Dhabi police council Major Mohamed Balalaa said the message was clear UAE Youth Council aimed to bring all together with peace and unity.

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