UAE’s greatest accomplishments in 2019

The UAE has attained an economic prosperous and welfare for its citizens throughout the year of 2019, and notably consolidated its position as a major international player in economic, social and cultural domains.

No surprise, the happiness is reflected on the faces of one and all, cutting across all sections, Emiratis and expatriates, men, women and children from the East or the West.

Setting the priorities right is what has kept the UAE ahead of others.

The whole world can now see that the UAE has become a role model for development and progress, and has well set an example regarding the will to excel in all fields. The country continues to remain an oasis of peace and prosperity and this should make every citizen and resident proud.

1. Launching the Dubai Metro

2. Winning the bid to host Expo 2020

3. Launching the UAE Space Agency

4. Unveiling the massive manmade Dubai Canal

5. Being named the most generous country in the world

6. Appointing a Minister for happiness

7. Establishing an Artificial Intelligence Strategy

8. Transport infrastructure

9. Global talent competitiveness

10. Advanced’ smartphone adoption

11. Lifestyle destination for families and entreprenuers

12. Public trust in politicians

13. Quality of air transport infrastructure

14. Security

15. 2 Social media usage

16. Most visited country

17. Become the Richest Countries

18. Registering property

19. Global Competitiveness Index

20.Tolerance year


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