UK commissioner for Expo 2020

A healthy vocabulary will be positively encouraged for those who step inside the stunning £20 million pavilions, designed in the shape of a splintered cone, which looks set to be a major attraction during next year’s hotly-anticipated world fair.

Each visitor will be asked to donate a word, which will be transformed into poetry celebrating the friendship between the UK and the Arab world by way of artificial technology.

Laura Faulkner, the UK commissioner for Expo 2020, has revealed details about the poetry to be framed inside the British pavilion, on which preparatory work has begun at the Dubai South site.

“It is exciting to us that the rhythms of English and Arabic poetry will be represented in the work we are doing,” Ms Faulkner told The National.

“Arabic and English are at the heart of everything we are doing because this is the first time the Expo is being hosted in the Arab world.

“Every word that is donated by visitors to the pavilion will be placed into an algorithm that will allow us to imagine new poetry.”

While walking through a maze, visitors will encounter augmented reality content that will reflect stories about British tourism, business and education.

Once they step into a wooden enclosure located on the upper end of the pavilion, they will hear a chorus of voices, songs and music from around the world including the words in English and Arabic they have submitted.

Organisers visualise entering the timber-lined interior space as similar to walking into the chamber of a wooden musical instrument.

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