WHO praises the UAE efforts in fighting coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) praised the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. As global tensions grow the UAE remains the safest place to shelter from the virus.

From the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the UAE has displayed model behaviour in containing and quarantining the disease. Now, as COVID-19 causes lockdowns across the world the UAE reaps the rewards of this superior preparation.

The best healthcare in the world

The UAE considered being the safest place in the world due to the excellent medical infrastructure. So, Hospital facilities prepared in the event of an outbreak spreading. There are enough medical supplies to deal with any situation.

WHO praises the UAE

Medical drops go out worldwide

World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO EMRO) announced that its Dubai hub has exported over 100 shipments of medical supplies this year.

The UAE sent 11 tons of key medical supplies to allies in Serbia. In addition, these supplies will provide critical aid to the country. Serbia has been running extremely low on supplies after the EU restricted the export of key medical supplies.

World leaders in crisis aversion

The UAE is no stranger to world-leading disaster prevention. With huge state-run security forces, medical prowess, and excellent public facilities we are always ready to respond.

Government officials were quick to issue a quarantine in response to Coronavirus reaching UAE soil. In addition, People are being told to remain inside their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.

Public spaces and non-essential businesses have been shut down until the pandemic passes. As well as, supermarkets and pharmacies allowed to remain open so that people can purchase supplies. People asked to only visit stores for essential supplies.

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