World Future Energy Summit 2020 to be held in Abu Dhabi

The World Future Energy Summit 2020 will be held in Abu Dhabi and it will take place at the National Exhibition Center in the month of January next year. The summit is a hub for all the top-level business and government leaders and it is also expected to reinforce its place for the global event and business marketplace for future energy, sustainability and cleantech. The event will be hosted by Madar as part of the Sustainability Week of Abu Dhabi.

In the 2019 edition of the summit, new business worth US$ 10.5 billion was announced and the next year edition is expected to be even higher following the strong growth experienced by the Middle East and global market for renewable. The summit is also the perfect platform links governments, business and finance for facilitating the transfer and advancement of ideas, investments and technologies in order to boost sustainable growth and development.

The Group Event Director, Grant Tuchten said that the event also helps in accelerating sustainable development and innovation as it consists of buyers, vendors and policy makers of sustainable solutions. It also has the investors and financiers as well as the innovators who contribute in coming up with new ideas and all this happens in one place, that is in Abu Dhabi.

The World Future Energy Summit is held annually and it exhibits programs mainly across four pillars including energy, solar, water, waste and smart cities. Tuchten said that in the present time, renewable are the largest sources of energy growth generating about two thirds of the increase in global power generation. He added that renewable also the capacity of rapid adoption by dramatically falling costs, developing nations like China, India and other Asian nations accounted for nearly half the growth in the renewable power generation of the world.

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