World Future Energy Summit opens at Abu Dhabi

The World Future Energy Summit opens at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on Monday, with around 35,000 people expected to attend from 170 countries.

The four-day event, which is the largest of its kind according to organizers, will include exhibition and forum programs addressing energy, solar, water, waste and smart cities.
There will also be a focus on clean energy generation, water sustainability, and how digital innovation can help to improve the quality of life in an urban environment.

Held alongside the energy summit are the Climate Innovations Exchange (CLIX) and the Future Sustainability Summit.

CLIX returns for its third edition and will showcase 42 of the world’s most disruptive innovations, selected from 1,402 global submissions from 128 countries, related to the future of energy, food, agriculture and sustainability in space.

The Future Sustainability Summit is being held under the theme “Rethinking Global Consumption, Production, and Investment.”

It brings together more than 1,000 delegates and 90 speakers, including music star and philanthropist Akon, the president of Rwanda and the prime minister of Bangladesh.

Registration is paperless, while badges, lanyards, and bags are biodegradable.
Many onsite temporary structures, such as the registration area, have been built using sustainable or recycled materials.

Recycling bins will be placed in selected areas along the concourse, and there will be no plastic in the exhibition center’s restaurants.

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