Your Guide to the best tourist places in Sharjah 2020

Sharjah is an excellent tourist destination, especially for families and children, due to the diversity of tourist places in Sharjah, as it includes many markets, museums, landscapes, places of entertainment, and many others.

Sharjah is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and what distinguishes the Emirate of Sharjah, which earned it picturesque beaches. It was also distinguished by the title that was called (the capital of culture To the Arab world) because of its richness in culture and heritage. It was in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight, and it won the UNESCO Prize in the same year.

The name of the city of Sharjah is considered ancient, as it dates back to five thousand years ago, and the meaning of the word Sharjah is the rising sun, and there is a map drawn by Ptolemy – a Greek geographic – dating back to the second century AD, and this map has implications for the presence of one of the tribes that settled in it Time, as the sailor Ahmed bin Majid mentioned it in written chronicles for him, as this famous sailor sailed in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

There are sandy plains in Sharjah that extend on the western coast of the emirate, and these sandy plains reach inland to the gravel area and also reach the Hajar mountain. As for the eastern side, there is a coastal plain that extends to the Hajar mountains as well and is somewhat relatively fertile, and tourism Sharjah is one of the best places of tourism in the Emirates, where it was previously the capital of Arab culture, and then the capital of Islamic culture in 2014.

The best tourist places in Sharjah 2020

  1. Al Noor Island
  2. Sharjah Art Foundation
  3. Sharjah Automobile Museum
  4. Jubail Market
  5. Sharjah Aquarium
  6. Al Khan Beach

Al Noor Island

It is one of the most beautiful and prominent tourist places in Sharjah for families 2019, located in the beautiful Khalid Lake near the island of science. It is a rare masterpiece designed to develop the cultural side of any visitor. In addition, it is a peaceful haven away from the life of the city.

Al Noor Island can only be reached by boat or boardwalk, as it is full of artistic facilities for the site and regular exhibitions in which one of the events in Sharjah 2019 is organized. It includes a children’s play area and butterfly house, as well as the art office, where you can relax and read your favourite book.

Sharjah Art Foundation

The Sharjah Art Foundation is located in the Arts and Heritage District, right next to Al Jubail. It is a collection of old and new buildings. The area is a great destination to see the best artwork in the area and walk-in some old parts of it.

The Foundation also provides great programs and events for young people. In order to support their artists and share ideas and experiences with each other. You can view all activities, programs, and events and learn about everything new through the special website.

Sharjah Automobile Museum

You can definitely enjoy watching the most luxurious and modern cars in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Downtown Dubai. But what about seeing a part of this history that includes some world’s most famous old car models and seeing them closely? You must visit the Sharjah Museum of Old Cars, which attracts classic car enthusiasts. It includes more than 100 beautiful cars that may be one of the most enjoyable things to see.

Jubail Market

The Jubail market covers an area of ​​1.075 million square feet. It is the largest market for fish and fresh products in the United Arab Emirates. You must visit it on Saturday to see the fish auction that you may not find anywhere in the Emirates! You can also take a tour of the market to purchase various supplies, vegetables, and fruits.

Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium has a special magical effect on its visitors, it is one of Sharjah’s most amazing landmarks. We advise you to visit it in order to enjoy watching more than 250 marine creatures and get to know the world of marine life in the depths of the Gulf.

You can also visit the adjacent Sharjah Maritime Museum, which gives you an opportunity to learn about Sharjah’s water history. In case the weather is nice, we recommend you to take an outdoor picnic.

Al Khan Beach

There are tourist places in Sharjah that make you invest your time with all that is interesting and new. For example, you can visit it and enjoy playing beach volleyball and tennis, and do various water sports through flyboard, kayak, kitesurf, and many more.

You can also spend great moments with friends and family in an entertaining and safe atmosphere. The dedicated and experienced team manages all activities to ensure the highest safety standards. In addition, the beach hosts a dedicated area for children to play.

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