7 information you should know about Dubai city

Dubai has its own tourist charm, for tourism there starts from the peaks in the sky until it lands on its lands, and information you should know about Dubai city.

You will see the Palm Island from the window of the plane on your way to Dubai Airport. In addition to several islands under construction that make your eyes see an appearance that you did not see before. Dubai is one of the most amazing countries and the focus of attention of all who think about tourism, because of the wonders that made in this city is for Dubai itself to be a tourist marvel that unmatched in the world by another city. It came to be Dubai as a tourist advertisement front for many of the “Hollywood” films.

Information you should know about Dubai city

Emergency numbers

There is no alternative to saving the emergency numbers in the cell phone of the country to which you are going. This is because there is no delay in calling for help when facing any unexpected situation. It calls the emergency without the need to line to communicate. This ability activated in all cell phones in the world.

The most important emergency numbers in the UAE are 999, which is the general emergency number, which calls you to the police in Dubai. You can ask the police in cases of theft and infringement. It is not preferable to ask the police for any non-urgent request because they will come to you within minutes, but if you see a fire you can Call 997, and if you encounter any sudden health problems, call 998 or 999 as well and explain the reason for calling.

Electric current strength

Dubai considered one of the very superior cities in the field of energy. It never suffers from any weakness or interruptions in the electrical current. The current-voltage there is 220 volts, the places of placing the electrical sockets are triple and not bilateral.

The currency

The currency used in the emirate of Dubai is the same as the currency used in the rest of the seven emirates and is the Emirati dirham. There are paper categories of the UAE dirham estimated at 5-10-20-20-100-20000-1000, and for coins, there are 25 fils categories And 50 fils and dirhams. It is preferable to own small currencies because you will need them more than a lot, but large currencies also easily disposed of because Dubai is a very rich city. The UAE dirham issued from the UAE central bank.

The first dealings in Emirati dirham introduced in 1973, as the Emirates before it was dealing in the Bahraini dinar. If you do not have an Emirati dirham, then there is no problem. You just have to go to an exchange office at the airport and change your currency to the Emirati dirham.


One of the best cities in the world in dealing with ATMs is Dubai, where there are machines for almost all of the world’s banks, and not only that but there are money deposit machines, and currency exchange machines, and all of this in public places, so financial transactions will not be disrupted Almost.

Population and language

The Emirate of Dubai is the first in terms of population in the United Arab Emirates, where the population there reaches 2.62 million people, and Emirati citizens are considered there are only 214 thousand people of this large number, as the number of males is estimated at 1.3 million people, but this It does not mean that Dubai is crowded, but on the contrary, it accommodates all this number and is considered a very organized emirate although it has the largest population density in the Emirates. As for the language that the Emirates speaks, it is Arabic, but in tourist places, the popular language is English.

Climate and weather

Dubai’s climate is very hot in summer, but it is very mild in winter. It is a mostly desert climate, where summer winds blow during the day. The temperatures sometimes reach 40 degrees Celsius in the shade in the daytime. At night temperatures reach 30 degrees with air breezes Humid. Dubai is a sunny emirate most of the year which makes its winter very mild and is summer for Europeans, so we advise you to visit Dubai between October and April.

Lines or mobile cards

Information you should know about Dubai city when you go to Dubai, it is not preferable to call your country’s mobile card, because you will then double the number because you will enter the scope of international calls. It is preferable to buy a line for your mobile from Dubai itself. There are two companies that provide these lines are Etisalat and du. You can buy A contact card from malls, supermarkets, passport offices, and airports. You only need to show your passport and the seller will give you a mobile card.

Drink water

Drinking water in Dubai is limited to mineral water, as tap water is salty and not suitable for drinking, so it is preferable to buy bottles of mineral water, the price of which is small, one dirham, and the large, 1.5 dirhams.

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