Residency and Citizenship Expo at IREIS 2019

Dual Citizenship has opened up a new possibility, with all the benefits of visa-free travel, financial security and personal freedom. Citizenship Expo at IREIS 2019 offers superior expertise in the complex decision-making necessary to gain the right citizenship and residency option. 

Dual Citizenship aspirants, leading insight into citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs. Through meeting immigration consultants and attending tailored investor immigration programmes, visitors will gain a wide benefit of the dual citizenship and visa-free travel opportunities available within major destination countries across the globe. 

The International Residency & Citizen- ship Expo 2019 at IREIS brings together government bodies, approved consultants, official agencies, legal entities, property developers, consultants as well as all the other associated entities under one roof and create a platform for the regional prospects to select citizenship and residency options across the world. 

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