More than 20,000 new jobs for UAE nationals

Over 20,000 job opportunities will be created for UAE nationals in a variety of sectors announced.

Sheikh Mohammed said that those who are late in achieving Emiratisation rates will be obliged to contribute financially to the government’s efforts.

Sheikh Mohammed said the positions will be created in aviation, telecommunications, banking, insurance and real estate sectors over the next three years. In a major Emiratisation push, he said UAE nationals will be given priority when applying for jobs in 160 professions in all government, semi-government, federal and local companies and private sector firms, while ‘managerial’ positions in government institutions will be limited to Emiratis.  Every year, 8,000 graduates will be able to gain experience at government, semi-government and private companies

Sheikh Mohammed added that “we also approved legal amendments to equalise citizens in the private sector with the government, especially in the calculation of pension and service annexation”.

“My message to everyone is ‘We will not stop as, in the UAE, we don’t like to do so’.”

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