Sharjah Economic Development Department Reopen Precautions

Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” announced the reopening of cinemas, auction houses, recreation and fitness centers and parking services within the gradual plan for the return of economic activity in the emirate, provided that the facilities meet all the preventive requirements as a consideration

  1. The timing of the national sterilization program
  2. Mandatory temperature test before entering the facility
  3. Place hand sanitizers in common places
  4. Maintaining the social distance of two meters

Sharjah Economic Development Department  precautions

A number of measures and rules imposed on cinemas

  1. It emphasized the importance of daily intensive sterilization for all movie theaters and public places after working hours
    Ensure the provision of hand sterilizers in all common areas.
  2. It stressed the mandatory application of social divergence in all exhibition halls by leaving two blank seats in the horizontal row and keeping the vertical row empty.
  3. All restaurants and cafeterias in cinemas are allowed to work, provided that they are committed to applying the procedures previously issued on the precautionary measures of activity and the cinemas must develop informative panels on preventive measures and precautionary measures.
  4. Sterilize the cinema halls after the end of each show and adhere to the spacing at ticket window.
  5. Close electronic screens and encourage clients to pre-book and buy tickets online.
  6. Do not distribute any promotional brochures about movies.
  7. All movie shows end one hour before the national sterilization time.

Sharjah Economic Development Department has stressed entertainment centers – which include
Kids games, kids games rental, internet stores, bicycle rental Water, picnic rental and desert bike rental – the necessity of applying all preventive measures before opening and sterilizing all entertainment centers and all games and equipment inside and preparing games so that there is a distance between the users and sterilizing games after each round and before receiving new visitors and putting a heat detector at the entrance and allow 50 percent of customers to enter.

Sharjah Economic Development Department requested fitness centers:

  1. Sterilization of all gym locations and all devices and equipment and re-distribution of sports devices inside the gym by
  2. applying a distance of about two meters between each device
  3. prevent the provision of massage, massage and sauna and steam services
  4. Remove all newspapers, magazines and water coolers
  5. The percentage of dealers within the center does not exceed 50 percent of its capacity
  6. Preventing the organization of events and tournaments in the center
  7. Dealers can only remove the muzzle during strenuous exercise
  8. All dealers must bring their personal necessities with them Towels – Yoga Mattress
  9. Food and beverages are permitted, subject to the specific health controls for restaurants and cafeterias.

Sharjah Economic Development Department confirmed that it is permissible to return the parking service according to specific conditions, including:

  1. Wearing face masks and gloves throughout the work period and constantly replacing them after each car service.
  2. Use disposable covers on the steering wheel and car seat and provide sterile wipes for use before handing over the car to wipe the car wheel, transmission knob, car keys and any other surface that is touched by the employee.
  3. Keep the car air conditioner running while opening the car windows for some time and hand over the car to ensure renewal and purification of air.
Source: WAM
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