Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid “What Life Taught Me”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has urged young Arabs not to despair for the future and to remember that they comprise one “eternal nation”.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai took to Twitter on Friday to share the latest instalment of his “what life taught me” series, through which he shares anecdotes, advise and other musings on social media.

In a post addressed to young Arabs, Sheikh Mohammed said: “We are one Arab nation, an eternal Arab nation.

We are a nation whose hope is renewed, whose youth is renewed and whose soul is renewed. 

We do not despair because to despair is to disbelieve and despair is the opposite of life.  We are a nation that will write its own life.

The motivational and unifying message was the latest insight to be shared as part of his Twitter series.

It comes months after Sheikh Mohammed declared the Arab world was facing a management crisis and said the region required leaders capable of harnessing its potential.

“There is no energy crisis, or education crisis, or health crisis in our Arab region. We have a management crisis,” he said. “We are a people who own great resources and have great competencies but we lack ones who will manage the resources and qualifications to build a great nation.”

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