UAE defeats Coronavirus Outbreak

With the Coronavirus outbreak of the (Covid 19), the number of people infected with this virus is increasing, and to this day more than 150,000 people infected worldwide. The WHO confirmed that this dangerous virus becomes a global epidemic for its rapid spread among people. It made The international community united against this virus.

World Union against Coronavirus outbreak

The world has never united against wars or fighting hunger and poverty, as it is today united against the “Corona” epidemic that spread terror throughout the world.

A Brief the world situation in dealing with corona

In this context, many countries struck by the Coronavirus. Some have practically contained the virus and proved to the world practically their worth as China. Others are still struggling to contain it. Today, reports prove that China is able to manage crises and emergencies. Unfortunately, the European Union failed to contain the virus so far, and this foreshadows pessimism because the world today linked to the European Union or the old continent. As there are large cities in Italy, Spain and others declared a state of emergency and quarantine in Homes for millions of people. Unfortunately, Europe today become the focus of the Coronavirus and the largest source of its spread around the world. It indicates that the crisis management in the European Union was not fully prepared to deal with the virus. Despite the continuous warnings from the World Health Organization and international official bodies.

Preventive steps applied by the Emirates

Since the first day, the UAE proved to the world that it is able to conquer and confront crises very quickly and supremely. Its tremendous capabilities, high technologies and proactive plans and strategies to face risks. The biggest evidence for that is that the UAE is witnessing a near-natural movement in all facilities, institutions and public places. The authorities concerned with taking all safety, sterilization, and prevention measures. That dealing with warnings and media statements accurately. As well as, rumours are handled with great professionalism to avoid spreading panic among people.

UAE defeats Coronavirus Outbreak

The lowest infection rate in the UAE

The UAE seeks to make caring for the human being a top priority to protect it and spare it all forms of risk. It works around the clock to contain the dangerous virus. Today the UAE records fewer than 100 cases infected with the Coronavirus, and more than 26 cases have been identical to full recovery. These cases receive a lot of attention from the rational government. It dedicated its efforts to provide medical assistance to people with this disease. In addition, provide all support and care to return them to their normal life.

UAE Top priorities

The UAE is devoting its efforts to place the human being at the top of its priorities. As it took various measures to protect the Emirati society from the spread of the virus. It initiated the facilitation of life for citizens and residents. These measures the school and university work hours of all students and workers in the education sector suspended until mid-April next, to protect Students. Other events to protect the Emirati society, taking into account investors and companies. So the efforts of the UAE government have served all segments of society.

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