UAE and Corona .. Transparency and Confrontation

Proactive steps and international acclaim. Thus, the UAE role in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” that infected nearly 199,000 people and 7987 deaths in 168 countries around the world appeared.

International praises of the UAE’s efforts to tackle the Coronavirus

In light of the “pandemic” of Corona, according to the World Health Organization. The UAE was at the top of the world in the transparency and confrontation and laboratory tests to ensure the safety of the owners of the Coronavirus.

The efforts of the United Arab Emirates in 50 days to control the emerging coronavirus.

January 29 … the beginning

The UAE announced the first case of coronavirus infection, and it was for 4 people from one Chinese family coming from Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus’s spread.

The first UAE in the world in conducting Corona tests

Immediately, the Ministry of Health took the necessary preventive measures. In accordance with the scientific recommendations, terms, and conditions approved by the World Health Organization.

The Ministry stressed that the epidemiological investigation centres in the country are working around the clock to an early report any cases of the virus. As well as, stressing that the health system in the country is working very efficiently. The ministry is closely following the situation to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

February 3 … proactive steps

The General Authority of Civil Aviation has announced the suspension of all flights arriving from China. Except for those coming from Beijing, starting from 05/02/2020, until further notice

And the General Authority of Civil Aviation required all arrivals from Beijing International Airport to undergo accurate and advanced preventive medical examinations. That applied at the airport to ensure the safety of passengers before they board the aircraft.

The decision to suspend the trips came after studying and analyzing the current situation on the spread of the virus in China in coordination with international bodies.

February 25 … precautionary measures

The UAE expanded its precautionary measures according to the changes in the situation and the hotspots of the global outbreak of the virus. As it stopped all flights heading to and from Iran, including passenger and cargo planes, for a week subject to renewal.

The decision came after Iran recorded a large number of injuries and deaths. As a result of the spread of “Covid-19”, and the decision excluded flights from the capital, Tehran.

The decision included all passengers arriving on direct flights from Tehran, who received a thermal examination at the airport.

February 27 … limitation of movement

The UAE decided to suspend the movement of its citizens and citizens of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council using the identity card. As part of a series of precautionary measures to curb the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

The citizens of the Emirates abroad who left with the ID card, as well as the citizens of the Cooperation Council who are inside the Emirates, before the issuance of this decision will be excluded.

February 29 … child protection

In light of the precautionary measures in the UAE, Hussein Al Hammadi, the Minister of Education, announced the suspension of studies in child nurseries at the country level.

Al-Hammadi confirmed the suspension of school activities and events in the various emirates of the country until further notice within the Ministry’s preventive measures.

He explained at the time that among the precautionary and preventive measures taken to reduce and reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus (Covid 19). It was decided to stop all activities, trips and school activities, both internal and external.

3-4 March … Suspension of studies and sports activities

In order to preserve students and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The Ministry of Education announced the provision of a spring vacation to schools and work on the “distance education” initiative. In order to disable students from schools and higher education institutions for a period of 4 weeks.

The launch of the sterilization program for educational facilities was also reported. As a precautionary step to prevent any spread of the infection with the “Covid-19” virus.

After the decision to suspend the study one day, the Emirates Football Association announced the holding of all local matches without an audience to limit the rallies.

March 5 .. Avoid travelling

After the outbreak of the virus in a number of countries, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention called on citizens and residents to avoid travelling.

She added that in the event of travel, preventive measures will be taken upon return from outside the country. According to the discretion of the competent authorities, such as medical examinations at the airport, and then keeping them in the home quarantine until the traveller is assured of safety.

And in case of confirmation of infection with the virus, sanitary isolation procedures will be applied in health facilities. In order to ensure its safety and avoid contact with others.

On March 12

The UAE asked its citizens not to travel to India, in the interest of their safety.

March 13 … a series of precautionary measures

With the global outbreak of the virus, the UAE’s practical steps preceded. As elderly citizens and residents called upon to commit to homes and avoid crowded places.

The remote work system for groups of employees of the Federal Government also activated for two weeks. All passenger flights with Italy excluded, with the exception of Rome. After Italy became the second globally in terms of the number of infections and deaths caused by the emerging Coronavirus.

March 14 .. 100 billion dirhams

The UAE Central Bank has allocated 100 billion dirhams to the economic support plan to contain the consequences of the Coronavirus.

The UAE fortifies its economy and markets from Corona with a stimulus package
Also, all incoming and outgoing flights to Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq suspended from March 17. Visas suspended from March 17 with the exception of diplomatic passports.

March 15 .. The gatherings cease

Since the disease spread throughout the world, the health sector in the Emirates started taking all necessary measures and providing medical and preventive supplies in addition to highly qualified medical personnel.

The UAE decided to completely stop the activities of:

  1. Football
  2. Cinemas
  3. Entertainment halls
  4. Fitness clubs
  5. A number of cultural and tourism centres
  6. The Louvre Museum, closed

On the 16th of the same month, prayers in mosques and places of worship suspended and weddings and social events suspended for 4 weeks. Eventually, Emirates abroad invited to return to the homeland.

The “Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi … safe from Corona

Within 48 hours, the UAE succeeded in equipping the “Emirates Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi with the latest medical, humanitarian and recreational equipment. In order to provide all comfort and reassurance to the returnees from China of their various nationalities. Who stranded after being trapped by the virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

All efforts came together to accomplish that humanitarian mission, as medical, health and recreational facilities equipped. Indeed, the city welcomed the returnees with a great welcome, as they enjoyed the feelings of reception. A special message from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The “Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi equipped with all the necessary equipment and supplies to conduct the necessary medical examinations to care for the evacuees. In order to ensure their safety and put them under quarantine for a period of not less than 14 days. As they will provide them with an integrated health care system throughout the quarantine period. In accordance with WHO standards until complete safety assured.

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